The Road To Romance

What's your favorite romance genre?

The road to romance takes many twists and turns in a myriad of locations. The basic premise of boy meets girl (or girl meets boy) falls in love and live happily ever after is a rather simplistic approach to the romance novel. There are so many types of romance novels that it’s fun to read different categories to find which ones resonate with your soul.

My favorites are inspirational romances–which is what I write–and they can be contemporary or suspenseful. I also like western, Amish, and Historical–especially medieval Scottish Highlands novels. Some of which have more heat than others and that is a preference each reader must determine for themselves. I prefer more romance and mystery!

But there are others like paranormal and erotic–neither of which I’m interested in although I’ve read both. I don’t seek them because they grieve my spirit.

Periodically, you will find a romance novel review or a romance author interview. 

What’s your favorite romance genre?

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