Nashville, Tennessee

The Music City

While I’ve been to Nashville several times, I never stayed at the Gaylord Opryland Resort.   To say that it is spectacular is an understatement!  The lobby alone is worth seeing even if you don’t stay there!

Never having driven the route, I worried about driving to Nashville from Raleigh due to Hurricane Florence with the devastation reaching the Raleigh Durham area where I live.  No road closures from the Raleigh area all the way to Nashville eased my stress.  However, I drove an hour out of my way because I missed a turnoff.  No matter though.  I still got there. The last time I visited Nashville, the roads were a mess and GPS was useless.  This time, the roads were a dream to navigate!

I attended a writing conference, so I didn’t have time to tour anything but no big deal because I’d been there before.  And it’s only an eight-hour drive so I can go back to do the “touristy” thing some other time. Simple.

The inside the Gaylord Opryland resembles a mini-city under a glass dome housing a maze of corridors and pathways. Why there’s even a river running through the complex complete with a boat ride!  I counted at least a dozen or more places to eat not to mention shopping.

They have an astounding 2,880 rooms.  I can’t even imagine the logistics of cleaning the rooms not to mention checking people in and out.

 What has been your experience if you’ve traveled to Nashville? 





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