Montana Dawn

Book Review

Rancher Luke McCutcheon takes his first crack at one of his family’s cattle drives and stumbles upon Faith Brown. Alone in a wagon in the wilderness.  Ready to give birth, Faith has no choice but to allow the handsome stranger to help her.

Running for her life, Faith, joins Luke’s cattle drive thinking she can escape her horrible past and the secret she holds in her heart. She wants no one, especially the handsome cattle man to unearth her deepest pain. Her kindness toward those around her makes her a character worth the time to read.

Luke’s mother taught him to be a gentleman but his need for validation from his family forces him to take a stand and keep his men in line where Faith is concerned. But he takes responsibility for her because of his connection to her when she gave birth.  Throughout the story, Luke penchant for honesty and his realization that Faith’s life is an enigma.  She tells untruths which causes him to be reluctant to keep her near at the same time she’s giving and caring. She’s a mystery to him. The strain of his self-imposed distance from his family offers a tenuous bond to Faith. His lifelong hurts rallies the reader to root for Luke.

Through many twists and turns, Luke and Faith face their human weaknesses, and strengths, to recognize their love for one another.

I rated this story four hearts because while the story kept me turning the pages, Faith’s inability to share her secret with anyone for chapters on end became tedious even though I understood her secret was integral to the plot of the story.  It needed just a little bit of payoff.  Something to keep the reader reading. The main characters, Luke and Faith were well developed and even the orbital characters had their own nuances which came out within the pages of the book.

While this book is almost a decade old, that’s no reason to bypass it.  Romances, especially Western Romances are timeless. I’m on book #2 of the series and looking forward to finishing the series. Take a chance and read this well-written book.

A snippet from the story reveals the author’s easy prose.

“The light from the lantern played across his face. His eyes, midnight black, centered on her face and never wavered.  As moments ticked by, she became increasingly uneasy under his scrutiny.”

You can reach the author at and see her newest books.

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