Never Again!

HOSEA 1:10

“Yet the number of the children of Israel
Shall be as the sand of the sea,
Which cannot be measured or numbered.
And it shall come to pass
In the place where it was said to them,
‘You are not My people,’
There it shall be said to them,
You are sons of the living God.’  Hosea 1:10

In Genesis, God promises Abraham that He would make Abraham the father of nations.  This verse shows that God kept His promise to Abraham and the children of Israel.  Generations had passed from the time of Abraham to when the book of Hosea was written.  God is the same, yesterday, today and forever.  We can trust in His promises.  Hold His promises in our hearts.

Over the centuries, God’s people, the children of Israel have been scattered to the four corners of the world and have been victims of genocide.  They have been persecuted and annihilated.

The most recent example of the genocide inflicted upon the children of Israel was the Holocaust in Germany during World War II.  We visited the death camp, Dachau, when we lived in Germany.  That camp was the model for all other concentration camps.  The Germans were told these camps were to rehabilitate.  They were not told the Jews would be used for various and inhumane medical experiments or that they would die horrible deaths in gas chambers. When Dachau was finally liberated in April in 1945, there were thirty thousand Jews in a camp designed for only six thousand.  I stood in the massive compound where Jews stood for hours on end and cried.  This cruelty has been inflicted upon the Jews throughout the centuries.

But God has always kept a remnant of His people. And He will continue to protect His people regardless of the political climate.  His word tells us they are His people.  He will bless those who bless Israel and He will curse those who curse Israel.  We need only look at the influx of the children of Israel to the land of Israel over the last thirty years.  God is bringing His people back to the land He gave Abraham. They have come full circle.  His word is true.

Have you ever visited Dachau? Or some other concentration camp? Share your experience with us. 

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