Your life’s purpose.


“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you;
I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” Jer 1:5 NKJV

While God is speaking about Jeremiah, this tells us God knows each one of us before we were formed in the womb.   A comforting thought.  He also tells Jeremiah, He has ordained him to be a priest.  Jeremiah existed in the mind of and plan of God before he ever existed in his mother’s womb.

Since the beginning of time, God knew every person before they were even created in the womb.  And He has ordained each of our lives.  What is it we are naturally drawn to?  Chances are we gravitate towards the ordained profession God planned for us before we were ever created.

Forty years ago, I wrote a novel.  I sent it in for publication.  In those days, manuscripts were typed on a manual typewriter, publishers accepted novels directly from the writer, and those aspiring authors received physical rejection letters.  Not today.  While some publishers accept a manuscript from a writer, most of the time, a writer needs an agent to navigate the perils in publishing, and often aspiring authors get rejection letters.  Most of the time, the publisher and/or agent doesn’t respond unless you have a personal relationship with them. And it takes an enormous amount of effort to find the right agent.

Fast forward to today and I felt the pull to write again.  It’s much stronger now that I’m working toward retirement.  But it’s there. In the back of my mind. I often wonder if I had not gotten discouraged and given up where I would be now. Doesn’t matter, though.  Only today matters.

If you’re young, hold on to your dreams…and if you are older, keep dreaming.  Life is too short not to follow the path in your heart.

And remember, God designed you for a specific purpose.  Find your purpose and follow it.

Have you found your purpose in life? Would you share what it is?

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