Be Wise!


A wise man will hear and increase learning,
And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel.  Proverbs 1:5 NKJV

Wisdom. We all want it but seldom do we ask for it or seek God for that special wisdom.  My husband and I pray together daily and we decided many years ago to pray for wisdom.  Why?  Because when you have wisdom, you seldom make terrible mistakes whether it’s in your relationships, your finances or your work.  We have asked for and were granted wisdom in these areas many times over the years.  Do we still make mistakes?  Occasionally.  And usually when we haven’t sought proper counsel…whether from God or from those more knowledgeable in the areas we need counsel.

Being wise isn’t a facet of the elderly.  Although, the elders in our lives have lived more and seen more so they do have more wisdom than we do.  But no, even the young can have wisdom.  How?  By seeking wise counsel.  Being selective to who we approach for wise counsel is another aspect of wisdom. You wouldn’t go to a banker for legal advice nor would you go to a computer technician for banking advice.  Lining up your counsel for the right advice is crucial.  You might ask a banker who they might recommend for legal counsel or you might consult friends or you might check reviews for attorneys.  Ultimately, though, the decision is yours and yours alone.  We ask those people for advice but we ask the Lord to give us direction and discernment when deciding.  All these things point toward wisdom.

Another place to look for wisdom is in the book of Proverbs.  It’s amazing how many proverbs are mainstream and most folks don’t know a particular saying comes from the Bible and many of them from Proverbs.  I like to think of Proverbs as a guide to life.  You can’t go wrong with what you learn from Proverbs.

What is your favorite verse from Proverbs?

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