Moving to Germany

An adventure awaits!

Imagine my consternation when the company told us we’d live in a couple’s home for three months until our household shipment arrived.  What?  I had visions of us trying to communicate to the owners the toilet didn’t work or trying to prepare meals while being underfoot with complete strangers and an entire slew of other daily issues that could arise.

Despite those reservations, we boarded a plane at Washington Dulles Airport for the long trip overseas knowing we would not see our family for at least three years.  Thankfully, we brought our VoIP phone system with us and use the internet for overseas telephone calls.  But I digress.

My husband’s mentor greeted us at the airport.  How he became a mentor to my husband when he had just arrived in Germany a few months before, I’ll never know.  We dropped our luggage at our temporary residence not in Stuttgart proper.  Instead, our mentor escorted us to a small village called Bonlanden in Filderstadt.  The mentor told us we would have to “stay awake” until bedtime to reduce the effects of jet lag.  Well, super. It had been an exhausting month, and I needed to sleep.

Since I had been in small villages before I wondered about the home we would live in for three months.  Three months is a long, long time. But when we dropped off our bags, we were elated to find our housing was an attic apartment in the couple’s home with our own entrance, kitchen, and bath.


It was small.  Tiny.  But I was thankful we didn’t have to share a bathroom, kitchen, and living spaces with them and the unit was relatively new so that was a bonus.

The other bonus was the owner’s wife spoke some English and would change our towels and bed linens every week.  Maid service too?  That was awesome.

My husband’s boss stopped by when we were unloading and wanted to know if the unit was acceptable to us. The bedroom and living room had a vaulted ceiling, but the boss’ concern was the twin beds.  We both were fine with the sleeping arrangements.  The headboards were at the lowest end of the vaulted ceiling.  We couldn’t even stand up straight at the head of the bed and we are short people.  No matter, though, we’d make do for three months.  After all, we were living in Germany.  A place neither of us had been before and it was an adventure in the making.

And while the living room only had a day bed with a few hard chairs–no comfy sofa for us – but the bathroom more than made up for it.

The kitchen was adequate, and we even had a little balcony overlooking their cute garden.  We knew God took care of us with our housing needs.  Has God ever met your housing needs in a great way?





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