I loved this book, the storyline seemed so real. I couldn't stop until the very end.

April E.




When real love comes calling as the storm rages on, are you brave enough to trust again?

Former fashion photographer, Mia Nardelli, returned home to Ohio to help her widowed brother and two nieces. But after years of living a quiet life and trying to put her past trauma behind her, she wants to get back to photography. When a trip into the West Virginia mountains to hone her skills leaves her injured in a ravine after an accident, she doesn’t know if she’ll ever work again—or even survive.

Veterinarian, Sean McDermott, is happy to seclude himself in his remote cabin to write a book about his profession. But even when he isn’t away, he sticks to caring for animals and helping his brother on the family ranch. Besides, it’s the best way to hide his physical facial scars from everyone else.

When Sean finds an unconscious woman on the bank of the creek, he must save her—even if it means opening his quiet life to a stranger can’t remember her name. Can Sean and Mia find happiness as they navigate her injuries, his guarded life, and the raging storm that has cut them off from the world?

Mia’s Irishman is a stranded together Women of Worthy romance.

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Nicely woven together

During a terrible storm, Mia has an accident and is rescued by a kind stranger who looks after her until he can get her to the hospital. She doesn’t remember who she is or what happened, but the two seem drawn to one another. For reasons of his own, Sean doesn’t reveal his true identity. Family obligations take him away to Ireland before they can straighten things out. Neither thinks they will see the other again, but fate – along with the help of some family and friends – have other ideas. The picks up nicely where Book One leaves off and is another sweet romance.

T Krauss (Amazon & Goodreads)


This was a sweet story I couldn’t put down.  I really enjoyed it.

Susan (Goodreads)


A lot of story, not just a romance 

Unfortunately there are a lot of “romances” being written about extremely dull people who spend all there time worrying about whether he or she loves me. And a lot of dull “Christian” stories about people worrying about whether God loves me. This is not one of those books.

These people are good, caring people who work hard at interesting occupations, care about their neighbors and friends, and are ready to help in emergencies. They have rich lives, faith in God, willingness to help in emergencies, and willingness to share their faith occasionally with words and frequently with action.

And the story is expertly told.

I am an evangelical Episcopalian, so I am comfortable with characters who talk about God occassionally and think about God occasionally. If any mention of God distresses you, you will not like this book. But even if you are an atheist of an agnostic, if you are comfortable with having friends or neighbors who are believers, you can enjoy this story about caring, hard working people with interesting lives and hard decisions to make.

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This is an amazing and breathtaking love story with endearing and adorable characters that will have you enjoying their journey towards unconditional love and family.

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Mystery men and women

I highly recommend this story.  It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.  I love the strong example of what it means when Jesus is at the center of people’s lives.  I hope someday there will be a story about Pam.  Very well done.

Kelly (Goodreads)


This story gave 2nd chances to 2 people full of hurt & angst.
She had endured trauma, heartache & pain. So had he, but in different ways. Through faith, they got to the solution.

Julie (Goodreads)


So many loveable characters and a wonderful storyline! I can picture them all and just wish I could go see the ranch and meet them! It’s that good!

DBasinow  (Amazon)


This story gave 2nd chances to 2 people full of hurt & angst. She had endured trauma, heartache & pain. So had he, but in different ways. Through faith, they got to the solution.

Alaska Reader (Amazon)


I loved this book, the storyline seemed so real. I couldn’t stop until the very end. I enjoyed how the story is paced. I felt as though I was right there with Mia through it all, the emotions she went through the places she went so detailed. I felt connected.

April E. (Goodreads)


A sweet Christan Romance from Seralynn Lewis. A story of love, loss, and, by faith and God’s plan, they find their way back to each other.

Angela D. (Goodreads)


Second book by a new author. Follows a character from her first book, Cassie’s Secrets, but can stand alone. I enjoyed following the characters and seeing the progression of growth in Ms. Lewis’s writing. Lovely Christian based romance books come at a good time this year. Very feel-good book!

Nancy C. (Goodreads)