Mia’s Irishman

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Women of Worthy Series
  1. In chapter 1, do you think Mia could have done anything differently when she found herself stranded in the middle of nowhere?
  2. In chapter 4, how did Mia cope with her memory loss?
  3. In chapter 5, why was Brett, Sean’s distant cousin, causing him to be uneasy?
  4. In chapter 7, what was your reaction to the doctor’s wariness toward Mia’s brother?
  5. In chapter 10, how does Sean cope with his father’s disturbing revelations?
  6. In chapter 17, Sean’s scar caused him psychological trauma. How did he cope with it?
  7. In chapter 26, what did it take for Mia to overcome her fear?
  8. In chapter 20, Sean’s brother gives him some truths about his life. How does Sean react to those truths?

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